Fix My Job

Old, Broken, Unsafe Equipment

Does your workplace sometimes remind you of the fictional “Island of Misfit Toys” – full of broken, battered, and just plain ancient stuff?

Useful Links

Federal agency: OSHA site gives all the information you need on your rights

Legal information: OSHA: Complying With Workplace Health and Safety Laws,” at  

Nonprofit website: National Council on Occupational Safety and Health has resources and info for workplace safety advocates

You are probably asking yourself some questions.

  1. Can my employer take revenge? The answer is no. Your employer cannot retaliate against you for reporting unsafe conditions. Check out what Fix My Job has to say about Whistle-blowers.
  2. When faced with an unhealthy situation, can I refuse to work? The answer is yes, but only if you follow all the steps that OSHA lays out here. If you are in a union, you can ask for your union rep when you see a safety hazard on the job.