Front Porch Focus Group Reports

Analysis of face-to-face conversations with working people on their top concerns
JULY 2020

"Could President Trump Win Again?: Trends from Pennsylvania and the Implications for 2020" PDF

April 2020

"Where are Voters on Healthcare?" PDF

March 2020

"What’s on the Minds of Persuadable Voters in Arizona?" PDF

"What’s on the Minds of Persuadable Voters in Michigan and Minnesota?" PDF

February 2020

"How 1,200 Persuadable and Democratic Base Voters in Battleground States See the 2020 Election"  Web ll PDF

September 2019

"North Carolina Ninth Congressional District Analysis"  Web ll PDF

June 2019

"What’s driving voter opinion in exurban Virginia?" Web ll PDF

January 2019

"Report Finds Iowa Swing Voters Still Open to Trump and Democratic Base Voters Worried about 2020, a Concern for Democrats" Web ll PDF

JULY 2018

"Fissures Emerge in Ohio’s Reliably Republican CD-12" Web ll PDF

MAY 2018

"Disaffected and Down on their Economic Prospects, Swing Voters Are Up for Grabs in Eastern Iowa" Web ll PDF

April 2018

"What's Driving Voter Opinion in the Twin Cities Metro?" Web ll PDF
Trends from the Field and Implications for 2018

March 2018

"Inside PA18: Will Lamb Win?" Web ll PDF
Working America has been on the ground in Pennsylvania's 18th District, listening to voters to understand what's on their minds this election.

September 2017

"Does My Vote Matter?" Web ll PDF
Black voters’ views on why voter turnout dropped in 2016 and how to turn it around in 2018

July 2017

"Be Bold, Be Visible" Web ll PDF
Central Ohio Midterm Voters’ Outlook on Policies and Politicians

June 2017

"Tackling Transphobia in the Heartland" Web ll PDF
Inoculation Tactics and Messages to Advance Nondiscrimination Policies

April 2017

"Trump's First 100 Days" Web ll PDF
100 Days into the Trump Era, Working-Class ‘Searchers’ Who Voted for Him Are Having Doubts, Open to Appeals

March 2017

"Working Class Views of the Affordable Care Act" Web ll PDF
Working-Class Voters Reject ACA Repeal, Are Less Likely to Support Politicians Who Vote for It

January 2017

"Post-election Report" Web ll PDF
Working-Class Voters Hungry for Economic Solutions, Hoping for Healing, Regardless of Candidate Choice

July 2016

"Working-Class Latinos in Orlando More Motivated to Vote Because of Trump" Web ll PDF
One in five likely voters canvassed by Working America report an increase in bigoted language and acts of racism following Trump’s rhetoric

January 2016

"What's Behind Trump's Appeal?" Web ll PDF
Unique “Front Porch Focus Group” Explores the Appeal of Trump’s Right-Wing Message with White Working-Class Voters