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Membership and Benefits

We all know things have gone out of balance in America.

In neighborhoods across the country, working families understand what’s happening. Corporate power has grown, while working people’s power has crumbled. Corporate profits and banker bonuses are doing great, but the rest of us are, rightly, worried. We’re worried about keeping our jobs, staying in our homes, feeding our kids and retiring securely. We know what the problems are, and we want to be part of the solution.

America’s workers are more productive than ever, but the benefits of our hard work have gone more and more to a small number of the very wealthy. As the cost of health care, housing and education has gone up, our wages have fallen behind and America is more unequal than ever. In Washington, D.C., in state capitals, in workplaces and corporate boardrooms, the interests of ordinary working people and their families seem to have been forgotten.

There’s only one way we can reverse it and rebuild a country that works for everyone—and that’s together.

It’s easy for banks, big corporations and the very wealthy to influence the political process—they have millions to spend on TV ads, lobbying and campaign contributions and, as we’ve seen, they’re not afraid to use it.

We can’t outspend these powerful interests—but we can fight for our needs with strength in numbers. Together, we can have a bigger impact on important decisions about our economy and our country.

That’s what Working America does every day. We talk to thousands of people every week and find out what matters to working people. We educate, engage and mobilize our members to get involved and make a difference. Things are tough, but we’re making progress: Working America has helped raise the minimum wage, save schools from privatization and keep laws that take away workers’ rights from passing. Together, we win victories that help real people lead better lives.

As a member of Working America, you also have access to research, tools and assistance to help you get ahead, as well as benefits like a prepaid debit card, credit and budget counseling, and discounts on things like car rentals, cell phone service and auto insurance through our Union Plus benefits program.

When you’re part of Working America, you’re part of the fastest-growing organization for working people in the country, and you’re helping to restore the balance, to put working people back at the center of the debate.

Join us today.