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Field Manager

Working America, community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, is the fastest-growing organization for working people in the country. With more than three million members, Working America recruits and mobilizes people who do not have a union on the job in support of working families' issues.

Have experience leading a team? A demonstrated passion for working-class issues? A positive, progressive attitude? Join Working America as a Field Manager and we'll teach you to train, develop, evaluate and supervise teams of canvass organizing staff.

Supervise and train canvass staff. Lead teams of canvass organizers into neighborhoods every night, help them analyze their work, and offer training and support. This work includes managing and assigning turf; overseeing transportation logistics of crews to and from the field; maintaining canvass administrative and data recording systems; and recommending and developing new leaders.

Applicants will need to demonstrate their ability to lead and manage a team of staff; provide analysis about canvass performance; and possess excellent time management skills, punctuality, and attention to detail. Prior organizing experience is preferred, but not required. A willingness to travel as needed and enthusiasm for the goals and policies of Working America are required.

Working America is currently running field operations in the following states: OH, PA, FL, MN, ME, WI, MI, NM, CO, OR. With plans to expand significantly on the horizon, geographically flexible individuals are highly preferred. Relocation stipends are available. Field Manager salary starts at $32,782 per year and includes medical insurance, paid vacation and sick leave. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals are highly encouraged to apply.