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Good Jobs

People like Pam get it. Good jobs are the foundation of a strong economy—and the United States still faces a crisis of unemployment and underemployment. In neighborhoods across the country, people are worried they won’t be able to find a job, or they’ll lose the job they have. And we’re worried about the next generation—will our kids be able to find good jobs that pay them fairly?

We need to put people back to work, and we need to make sure those jobs are good jobs—jobs with good wages, fair benefits and safe working conditions. We believe government has a role to play in helping companies who create jobs here, rather than encouraging them to close down workplaces and send jobs overseas.

When the financial crisis hit, Congress was quick to pass a huge bailout bill to rescue banks and financial institutions. We need to be as willing to extend a hand to Main Street, not just Wall Street. And we need to restore good jobs at good wages, not debt-driven bubbles, to the center of our economy.

We want to see investment in our nation’s infrastructure and in the teachers, firefighters, police and other public employees who provide services to our communities. We want to see big corporations stop sitting on their profits and start using them to create new jobs.

Working America fights to protect good jobs—and we win those fights, helping to increase the minimum wage, save jobs for teachers and firefighters and support the rights of workers to bargain for a fair shake.