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The Best of Bad Boss

Selected stories from past Bad Boss contests.

You’re Having a Baby? Who Cares?

November 16, 2012

"The night I was in the hospital, in labor, my boss called to ask if I'd be at work the next morning."


November 16, 2012

"My son took the death of his father very badly, and I got written up at work for taking 'too many' FMLA days to care for him."

Fictional Work Reviews

November 16, 2012

"Our company was sending our jobs overseas and did everything they could beforehand to discredit workers."


November 16, 2012

"I had to use a sick day to care for my 82-year-old father-in-law who got into an accident, and was put on a 3-day suspension for 'falsifying' my time sheet"

Fired over 2 minutes while others left at same time

November 16, 2012

"My supervisor told me to leave early, as the plant was our of power, then I got written up for leaving early."

No Chairs for You!!

November 16, 2012

"To try to 'teach us a lesson' our boss took away our chairs permanently."

Boss with No Heart

November 16, 2012

"I was in an ambulance and by boss called, threatening to fire me for not being able to do my job."